Tricia Kim

Tricia Kim

Account Director, APAC

“No regrets. Every interview is an experience.”

Describe yourself in 3 words

Inclusive, responsible and driven.

If you had to do the full Monty (with tassels) for charity, what would your asking price be?

There is no price on that for me. There are other ways to do charity!

What would make you really excited to get out of bed every day?

Holiday time with kids, expecting to close a deal on that day and payday.

Why did you call your agency Progression?

I feel it’s a fitting word as it reflects what we do –moving our candidates ahead to the next level of their career.
And it sounds inspirational.

What are the crucial values a good job seeker should project?

They should prepare well for interview and dress in appropriate attire. If it is a phone interview, try to sound enthusiastic – the high energy level from your voice can help replace the lack of visual image.

What is the most common grouse about seekers that you hear from your clients?

They often tell me that they want more aggressive candidates.

How is Progression unique?

We leverage on one another’s skills and strengths and so we have a strong and good team with all
the right values to do the job well.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend it with my family, especially doing enriching activities with the kids. I also enjoy listening to music.

Tricia is currently an Account Director at Progression where she enjoys working with talents in Sales, Presales, Marketing, Consulting and Senior Management roles across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, HK and China. Her clients largely include enterprise software clients in Business Intelligence, Business Process Management for exciting start-ups and medium-sized firms.

Her working experience started from the dot com days where she was involved in direct sales and marketing. Her areas of expertise include enterprise solution sales and business development. She has worked closely with various enterprise software and infrastructure vendors with a global system integrator.