• It is Not a Question of Where but How.

    It is Not a Question of Where but How.

    Many new clients ask us where do we search for candidates. I wish there is a secret portal only privy to us to find talent but unfortunately, it really is not the case. It's not a question of where but how. How do you search for talent? How do you make passive candidates from LinkedIn respond to you? To consider your role amongst many others chasing the same pool of high-in-demand but short-supply technology candidate market?

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  • Job-hunt Coaching

    Job-hunt Coaching

    Job-hunt Coaching If any of our consultants has helped you, whether in your job search direction, provided guidance or advice that you have deemed valuable, we hope, in a sincere exchange, if you are happy to provide a reference here give what you think you can afford here : (PAYNOW UEN Number: 201435087M) - do indicate the consultant's name. The amount is up to you.   The time we spend on advice, service or consultation can be quite substantial from the sheer amount of candidates looking for advice. It takes a lot of time away from carrying our demanding search mandates our clients pay us to deliver. But we understand that a quick or sometimes lengthy professional advice is something valuable to a lost job hunter in need of direction. This will go to feeding the stray dogs and cats which one of the consultant's family work to provide 100+ packs of food everyday, delivered to the most remote parts of Singapore and the balance will go to the consultant whom you engaged with. Should you need a longer-term dedicated job hunt coaching service, do look at the formalized program we have here (https://www.progressionsearch.com/index.php/job-seekers/89-job-seekers/190-cas) and get into contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Case Study #3: Building a multi-language sales hub with DEI considerations

    Case Study #3: Building a multi-language sales hub with DEI considerations

    Client: Our client, one of the top 10 largest technology companies in the world, partnered with Progression Search to rebuild their Singapore-based inside sales hub. This client houses a large multilingual digital sales team with DEI whose remit is to grow mid-market revenue across ASEAN and Korea.

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  • Why you should avoid interview no-shows at all costs.

    Why you should avoid interview no-shows at all costs.

    The truth is interview no-shows are no fun. It's disrespectful, offensive, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. When you cannot fulfill a commitment - be it a meeting, an interview, or even a deadline, the very least you could do is reach out to the other party and inform them.  Although there are times wherein it is inevitable, what exactly are must-dos in these situations? I have some pointers below.

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  • Progression Search by numbers in 2021

    Progression Search by numbers in 2021

    It's a new year which means new beginnings and new goals. We will turn 11 this year, which also means it's a new decade for us. But before we start aiming for more incredible things, let's see how we did for 2021. Here's Progression Search by numbers in the year 2021:

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