We will be rooting for you when we recommend you for a potential role in a company, sit with you to find out what you really want to do in your life and what drives you to get up every day to go to work. And of course, we will provide you with inside tips to the market, the company’s corporate culture, the team synergy and so on.

Why, you may ask. It is simple – what goes around comes around. We both save time to do other things and if you like the process, we’ve made a new friend for life. The next time you are ready to progress, we will be there for you.


The job of a recruiter is not simply one of forwarding lots of names to the employer. At least for us, it isn’t. And the statistics speak for themselves – for every 10 jobs entasked to us, 7 offers are made to our candidates. *More importantly, more than 6 are awarded to our candidates.

We take time to discover and understand the needs and requirements of the job. We feel it is also crucial to know the various factors that will influence the role such as the company culture, the team dynamics and the forward vision that are involved. The reason is simple – we want this match to work for both of you and the company. It looks on us and saves you time for more promising interviews as opposed to a hum drum line up of many maybe’s.

*statistic compiled as of Jan 2020


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