Regional Search Consultant

There’s no bad experiences. It’s what you make out of it and learn from it, within all holds a blessing.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Diligent, Persistent, Committed.


What traits are most important to you?

Loyal, Compassionate, Respectful.


What kind of people or traits most annoy you?

Arrogant, Deceitful (Fake), Selfish.


What would make you really excited to get out of bed every day?

A paid holiday.


What motivates you in your role as a headhunter and talent advisor?

That clients secure suitable and qualified candidates. Candidates find roles aligned with their life's purpose, and progress in their careers as they envision.


What are the crucial values a good job seeker should project?

Proactiveness and Honesty.


What kind of clients do you most enjoy working with?

Transparent with what kind of candidates they are looking for and responsive.


How is Progression unique?

Our leadership sets a leading example, supported by a forwardlooking mindset a culture of mentorship and support among peers.


What do you do in your free time?

Reading real books, talk to my plants and spending time with loved ones.