Guide: How to onboard candidates remotely during Covid -19

√ Define The Position Early On


Before finalising a deal with the candidate, be sure to make clear exactly what you expect of them in this position. If the temporary arrangement is for them to work at home, outline those expectations as well as what is expected of them once we are all ready to be back in the office. Be sure communicate both sets of expectations upfront. 


Make clear qualities the candidate needs to possess in order to thrive in the position.One suggestion could be using performance-based job descriptions. The job description should focus on the skills the applicant should have and what they are be able to offer, firstly. Instead of focusing on desirable experience, education and personality traits.  Focus on what matters - their ability to get work done, not a set of pedi

27 March 2020

Hire The Diamonds In The Rough Instead

The exceptional employees are not the ones with credentials and the “right brand names”, but the ones who dare to swim against the current, cut through the noise and have the right balance of personality. The grit, ethic, sense of purpose, courage and having an “extra edge” can actually be measured with the impact they bring to the business.

So why can’t we always get hold of these employees? Simple - we stick to safe hires, the ones that fit every word of the job description. Most of us go along with a general consensus so that no one can say, “I told you so” if a hire doesn’t work out. So we agree to provide a bigger remuneration amount hoping for motivation and they will hit the ground running.

24 March 2020

What Does It REALLY Take to Attract Top Talent?

The best remuneration package and the ideal work-life balance are important factors that revolve around the placement of candidates. Of course they want to be compensated well, and of course they certainly don't want to work for slave drivers. These factors definitely attracts top talent, but what are some strong underlying factors that also attract top talents?

24 March 2020

Why Use A Headhunter, Really?

In the digital age where most companies post their job ads online on their career page, on LinkedIn or numerous other career sites, why does it still make sense to go through a headhunter? Wouldn’t it be easier to apply directly at a click of a button? Perhaps. But would it increase your chances of acing that dream job? Perhaps not.

Firstly, if you are in a high-level position or in a profession in a niche market space that typically uses search firms to fill vacancies, those jobs may not always be advertised. Even if they were, you probably wouldn’t have time to diligently watch out for them on a daily basis.

24 March 2020