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We see a slowdown in the tech layoffs. The Sep numbers hovered at 58 companies according to site, the lowest since Jan 2023. Are we seeing better days soon? I think it is too early to tell. One of the things I have noticed is that companies around me seem less sensitive about letting people go against the backdrop of this rare tech winter. Perhaps they are taking this time to let go of poor performers fast whereas in the past, they had to do long HR conversations and PIP. The first silver lining after months of bad news was Salesforce announcing their plans to hire 3300 people back. Fingers crossed we are seeing some light.

As readers will know, here at Progression, we are all about the best talent in Asia, great jobs with decent or even inspiring hiring managers (no nonsensical quotas for example), and of course exceptional technology vendors. 

First and foremost, our Cool Tech Vendor for Q3 features (very proudly Singaporean) AngelHack - the Leader in Hackathons and Developer Relations. Check out the conversation with Yiming the CEO. We are super proud to be their partner and they will be a company to watch.

This issue, we dive deeper into doing a better job of your replacement (or even new) hiring - Finding that Elusive Unicorn Candidate and Balancing Hard and Soft Skills in Hiring - Dissecting It All, are reads you can find info on the why, the what and the how.

In a region as diverse as Asia, cultural awareness is paramount. In the world of recruitment, we understand that the perfect match isn't just about skills on paper; it's about the right fit, the right culture, and the right opportunities.

If you have been hiring with a DEI take, chances are you have a team of people with different backgrounds. Motivating a Diverse team covers what a manager needs to think about and incorporate into how they deal with their team, day in and day out. If that sounds like too much work, perhaps Building a More Inclusive Workplace: Implementing a DEI Strategy will be a good reminder of what all these efforts are for - fostering an environment where everyone's unique background and experiences are not just accepted but celebrated.

If any of these topics resonate with you, or if you simply want to discuss the latest happenings in the tech world, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's connect, share ideas, and explore new opportunities together.

Here's to a future filled with growth, success, and, most importantly, happiness in what we do.

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Chasing Perfection in Hiring - A Guide for the Discerning Hiring Manager

Years ago, I pitched our headhunting services to a very, very large IaaS vendor (who was small then in Singapore) and they wanted people who could sell IaaS. No, they don't want candidates from infrastructure companies because they are not selling it in this model, or looking at it from a client’s consumption approach, and that they “sell and disappear”. 

The problem is the companies selling it in that model aka “as a service” can be counted with 1 hand then.

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AngelHack: A Leader in Hackathons and Developer Relations

AngelHack is the World’s Leader in Hackathons and Developer Relations. Owned by Tribex, AngelHack organizes and manages some of the largest hackathons in the world, bringing new applications to more than 300K developers around the world. 

This platform has served more than 250 companies like Accenture, Huobi, Binance, UBS, and Microsoft, in supporting their developer initiatives and getting their technology into the hands of their huge developer community. 

We spoke to the CEO, Yiming, based in Singapore, and found out what's the sizzle, the inspiration behind AngelHack’s operations.

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Building a More Inclusive Workplace: A DEI Strategy

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace has become a critical goal for organizations across industries. A diverse and inclusive workforce enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, fosters innovation and drives business success. In this blog article, we will discuss the importance of implementing a DEI strategy and provide some practical steps to create a more inclusive work environment.

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Inclusion in the Workplace: Motivating a Diverse Team

If you have done well with putting together a great team of diverse backgrounds, good on you! However, that is likely to bring you to another issue, which is managing and motivating these individuals with very different needs. 

Motivating a diverse team can be both rewarding and challenging due to the varying needs, preferences, and backgrounds of each team member.

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Finding the Elusive Unicorn Candidate

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a hiring manager say, “I want a unicorn”. But what does it mean? 

A "unicorn" typically refers to an exceptionally rare and highly desirable candidate with a unique or perfect combination of skills, qualifications, and characteristics for a specific role. This term is often used to describe candidates who possess a set of qualities that are difficult to find and are considered a perfect fit for a job or company culture.

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