AngelHack is the World’s Leader in Hackathons and Developer Relations. Owned by Tribex, AngelHack organizes and manages some of the largest hackathons in the world, bringing new applications to more than 300K developers around the world. 

This platform has served more than 250 companies like Accenture, Huobi, Binance, UBS, and Microsoft, in supporting their developer initiatives and getting their technology into the hands of their huge developer community. 

We spoke to the CEO, Yiming, based in Singapore, and found out what's the sizzle, the inspiration behind AngelHack’s operations. 


What makes AngelHack exciting/disruptive/unique in your opinion and stand out against others in the market? 

AngelHack is probably the leading developer hackathon organizer on a global level. At this moment, the platform is trusted by more than 300 companies including Google, Mastercard, Nvidia etc.

Imagine just 5 years ago, no one could do a virtual hackathon or tech quest globally and on this large scale. Everything is local and the impact and the reach to the developer community is much smaller. The speed and impact of introducing any new technology using our platform ( significantly increased the tech adoption of many of our clients.

We are growing super. Committed to also growing our homegrown developer community, we are partnering with Temasek, IMDA, industry leaders like Google, and more to train and groom 100,000 developers locally in the next 2 years.


How would you describe the working culture here?

Fast-paced, innovative, and autonomous. People own their gig here and there’s a collective mindset to do things well.


What roles are you looking to hire for in the next 1-2 years?

Account Executives, Tech Product Managers


Why should candidates consider joining AngelHack?

Because we are young and driven, ideas are discussed, developed, and executed very quickly. Lots of chances to get creative and of course get hands-on with things. 

As the company expands and we produce more services, there are more roles and things to do. Your job can expand as fast as the company does.


Your vision in the next 3-5 years?

Impacting more than 3 million developers in the next 5 years.


If you could sell AngelHack to a candidate who is choosing between you and another company, how would you position the opportunity?

Join AngelHack, if you want a blank canvas to grow fast.


Trivia 1: What interesting things did you notice about AngelHack? 

Didn't know that such a company even exists in Singapore


Trivia 2: What are your top 2 impressions of your co-workers?

They are all smart people and purpose-driven. 


Who is your MVP so far?

It would be Ryan, my CRO at AngelHack. 


If AngelHack is a person, who will it be? Why?

I think it would be Steve Jobs - "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"