How do you make hundreds of thousands of people participate in a nationwide health movement? By gelling together the right hardware and software to satisfy the population health needs. One company did just that.


actxa 2Activate Interactive, a multi-national technology services company headquartered in Singapore, started out in 1997 with the mission to positively impact lives through the use of technology. Now, Activate has branched out of its gaming domain and shifted its focus on digital health, signalling the birth of a nationwide effort to lead an active lifestyle through easy steps – literally. The National Steps Challenge™ and the Healthy 365 mobile app, an initiative by the Health Promotion Board and HealthHub, is powered by Activate’s population health programme and technological solutions. The programme was developed by Activate as a means to produce end-to-end technological solutions that have a proven track record of helping to improve population health.

The company had previously developed games with the purpose of improving the conditions of people with dementia, participated in research and development activities to develop products that help diabetic patients better manage their conditions as well as introduced software and hardware products to encourage hundreds of thousands of users to lead an active lifestyle.

actxa 1Today, through the use of well-formulated services and experiences, Actxa, a spinoff from Activate, is the leading wearable brand in Singapore. Actxa develops health and fitness related products and experiences that enhance the quality of people’s lives. The fitness app is a mobile-friendly way to track your heart rate, body composition and daily activities.


“We focus on creating a tangible effect on the things we develop, to impact as many people as possible”, Joel Chin, Activate’s CEO said.


Activate is an example that is close to home exemplifying the Singapore spirit of starting small and making it big. The team has grown from a 3-man outfit to a team of more than 100 spanning across Asia and have won awards including the Singapore Infocomm Award, GSMA Global Mobile Award, Nokia Forum Pro Award, Asia Web Design Award and World Web Design award.


"We are Singaporean, for Singaporeans and we are here to make Singapore proud!"


There is no doubt that they are on their way to fulfil their vision to “touch the lives of 100 million people and build a trusted relationship with them, improving their physical and mental well-being at different stages of their lives”, Joel said. They centre their beliefs around making things that impact people on a big scale – and they will do just that, positively impacting the lives of people in Singapore, Asia, and the rest of the world, with programmes like the National Steps Challenge™ and much more.

In a sit-down interview with Joel, he said that the company does not only have a strong hold of its products’ usability and usefulness, but the company also attributes its success to an open office culture. The passionate family of fun-loving, active, and hardworking people enjoys laughing, singing cooking, running, and just hanging out with one another.


“We have a flat organizational structure and believe in open conversations about any topic under the sun (and the moon and stars over dinners, barbecues and drinks),” Joel said.


While technology has been widely infamous for simultaneously being revolutionary whilst making people lazier, Activate is slowly trailblazing its way through the digital health industry by enabling hundreds of thousands of people to get up and get moving, all while being synced with technology.

In their mission to build a stronger network around digital health, we asked about the roles that they're actively seeking to hire, with our expertise. A list of open jobs came up:

User Experience Designer
Marketing Strategist
Human Resource Manager
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Mobile Applications Lead
Quality Assurance Lead
Data Science Specialist

Joel added though, that these aren't the only open roles. "If we meet anyone we feel would do great in our team and company, we would open a role just for them."


Written by Yasmeen Banu