This topic has been talked about for ages but...we still see inappropriate stuff day in, day out!

Another good reason why we have to do a face to face meeting :)


Here goes:


1. No bling on your nails

Stickers, fancy nail art...I don’t know much about nail art but the impression I got is that it brings people attention to your nails. Great but in a job interview, you really want the interviewer to focus on your abilities for the job, not ask you where you did your nails...I am sure the former lends more weight to you actually getting the job!


2. Not too much makeup and too much distracting jewellery

Same as above. Not everyone is good with makeup so less is more...As long as you are presentable, there’s no need to look like you are going to paint the town red after the interview...


3. Very obviously false eye lashes

Same as 1 and 2! People will start wondering if you do spend as much time on your work...


4. No low, short, high – this was mentioned to me by an ex colleague. She was telling me how she went to a client meeting and met another account manager from a infrastructure hardware company and she was doing a “low, short, high” – low cut top, short skirt and high heels. While it provided entertainment, it does give a wrong impression to peers and superiors in the industry.


5. Not too much perfume

Distracting and perfume is supposed to be subtle, no?


6. Dark colours are safe

Bright got to know how to pull it off without coming across as undependable, flighty or worse, bimbotic. Having said that, I have met a few Hongkong candidates who pulled off pastel suits very nicely.


7. No doing any touchy feeling stuff during interviews.

No touching on the arm etc after the end of the session, it makes people uncomfortable or worse, sends the wrong signals!


8. No open toe, strappy shoes

Just not professional. The best is stockings feet and covered, low polished looking pumps. Spells efficiency!


9. No Cardigans

You have to look like a working professional... most cardigans have a tendency to make you look mousy or mum-sy. Not an impression you want to make in an interview!


10. Take care of your Personal Hygiene

Bad breath can spoil your chances in an important job interview. Brush your teeth thoroughly and flash that minty breath smile!