Ready to take the next step in your data journey? 

We’ve got a role for you.

Chief Data Officer

Unofficially = We’ll call you the Data Rockstar in Fintech

Who with: A large and leading internet finance company in China

Background of company:

Been around for close to 5 years and have a size of close to 10,000 people present in and across China. They strive to make financial services more efficient, more intelligent and more accessible.

High energy, vibrant and progressive team.

Making magic in the office:

· Handle complex high dimensional Big Data within the field of Fintech and apply advance data analysis methods to solve ad-hoc problems.

· Provide end to end analysis, including data and business needs collection, processing, analysis, continuous delivery of the demonstration.

· Design, develop and implement and validate machine learning and mathematical statistics models to build user behavior models etc.

· Use unsupervised learning to find patterns in fraud cases, identity and voice activation

· Develop machine learning tools to save time in manual analysis and improve the overall data analysis efficiency.

· Construct of data warehouse to help data engineers to ease decision making on data architecture

· Present results of data of analysis and key finding to various levels of partners and expertise through data visualization and other techniques.

So, your background would be:

· Experienced Data Scientist within the internet and e-commerce space, have provided advice on a group level

· Most likely, your education would be in, but not limited to: Statistics, Computer science, Applied Mathematics, Finance, Machine learning, Big Data, Data Mining

· Python, Scala or Java Programming Expert

· You know the Linux environment through and through, computing systems such as Spark, Hadoop, Storm and streaming of data through Kafka, handle data in NoSQL, database such as mongoDB, redis, hbase etc.

· You live and breathe: Machine Learning, Deep learning framework, DL4J, Torch, Theano, TensorFlow, Caffee, Paddle, MxNet, Keras, CNTK etc.

· Algorithm champion. You have research or work experience in the AI field

· Designer. You know how to work A/B tests and other experiments and support statistical theory.

· Supervised and unsupervised learning: proficient in linear regression, logistic regression, random forests, GBM and not limited to deep learning algorithms.

· Data visualization, clear and concise articulation the findings and impact from your data

· Communicate your ideas and data to different audience seamlessly

· Love working with a team. You win, they win mindset.  

JOB ID: 959

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