Title: APJ Accounting Solutions Wizard - whizzing across the region 20% of the time to Asia Pacific, including Japan

Industry: Accounting, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Task Management


Right now, you’ll be reading this and be feeling, okay – what wizardry is this? An accounting, regional, solutions-based role? If you find yourself itching to get out of the office, have more face to face interaction with clients, and solve problems – I’ve got just the role!


Before we get started on this wizardry, strap up.  You’ll need to have a strong accounting, finance or audit background, thrive when helping others solve their financial system problems by doing requirements gathering and showing how to use the software, with enthusiasm, professionalism and finesse.


A snippet of the magic:

The APJ Accounting Solutions Wizard will engage and enlighten prospective customers with the relevant software and accounting modules.


Aside from casting spells:

Internally and with current clients:

  • Work with the Sales team and be ever ready to answer prospect technical, software and accounting questions
  • Maintain a revved-up attitude and understanding on the current and new product functionality and best way to use them
  • Be a subject matter expert and provide sage advice, moderating the Community.
  • Be a storyteller and trusted guidance for others in the Community, reviewing best practices, use case scenarios and stories to assist others too with expanded use of application functionality
  • Educate clients through webinars, on-site training presentations and trials.
  • Document relevant activities in Salesforce and other tools as assigned.


With prospective clients:

  • Complete ROI Analysis for prospective clients
  • Lead discussions with them, which empower and educate them through to tackle their challenges accurately
  • Tailor and lead demonstrations based on the needs of prospects
  • Assist with completion and review of requests for proposal and information (RFPs and RFIs)
  • Deliver effective custom demonstrations using prospect data.
  • Provide coverage, education, and application expertise by attending client/prospect roundtables, conferences and other events.


Ideally if you’re our grade A wizard, you’ll be or have:

  • Done something similar wizardry and want more, with your previous enterprise level experience or with financial software
  • Superior oratorical skills and listening skills. You’ll have experience in developing and leading presentations which allow you to capture the attention of prospective customers with your ability to listen, educate and consult them. Objections? No problem for you.
  • Super EQ and People Skills. Building relationships and trust comes naturally (although we know it takes time and effort)
  • Strong ability to match product functionality to the prospects’ business needs
  • Your nickname is either integrity, trustworthiness and good judgment. (Or everyone knows you for it! ? #humble #selfpraise)


Purposeful and progressive:

  • They have global headquarters in Los Angeles, with regional headquarters in London, Singapore and Sydney.
  • Built to transform and modernize mission processes—with enterprise-grade accuracy, automation and transparency.

JOB ID: 1065

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