*Out of 10 jobs entasked to us, 6.5 are awarded to our candidates.

* statistics compiled as of Dec 2016



* At least 75% of all candidates that we recommend to our clients are selected for interviews.

* statistics compiled as of Dec 2016

This is a rather good article to start on the basics of a good LINKEDIN profile

We dig...

Professional Picture

Definitely a professional picture. I came across a picture where the subject is in a hat, a mask and sun glasses. I couldnt see his face…

He turned out to be a decent candidate but I had to take out his Linkedin link in his CV. So no, a professional picture please.


Summary Part of your LINKEDIN profile

This part is all about SEO. Keywords repeated discreetly. This part is why some people turn up top of the list as they know what are the keywords most people use to search them out.



I am not sure how that person did it but I once come across a LI profile with 70+ recommendations but yet none from immediate peers. It is quite obvious that person spent quite a lot of time working Linkedin. Yet, on the other extreme, there are candidates that has no recommendations at all. While it just says you don’t really have a LI presence, I typically advise candidates with short tenure or those without a job, to have their last immediate supervisor’s recommendation. Why is that important? To show that they didn’t leave because of poor performance or other dubious reasons. Anything less than 1 year, definitely will do good to have a recommendation.



Yes, please make enough connections to be visible. Not all connections are equal…Obviously those with more than 500+ connections will get you exposed to more of their connections.



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