Yasmeen Banu

Yasmeen Banu


"Inquisitive, Dissatisfied, Candid"

If you had to marry Charlie Sheen to make him respectable, it would be...

$30. I’ll buy him Paulo Coelho’s Manuscript Found in Accra so he can calm down and take life as it comes. The book will do the job!

Moving along, what would make you really excited to get out of bed every day? State 3 things.

A good breakfast + a really hot cup of coffee, scrolling through my favourite websites and knowing I’m finishing work I feel good about.

If Progression were a famous person, who would it be?

It would be Victoria Beckham.

Classy, serious, and a hard-worker. When people look at her, they want to trust her brand but when they get to know her, she’s informal, playful, funny, ethical, and still gets stuff done.

Describe yourself in three pivotal adjectives

Inquisitive, Dissatisfied, Candid

Tell us about your biggest:

Irritation: When things are slow - I’m extremely impatient. Condescending or obnoxious people. SMRT breakdowns.

Satisfaction: The smell of baked cookies. A finished painting. The rain. Having a moment from reading a poem or a book. A satisfying piece of work that is done well.

Quirk: I don't know how this happens but I tend to forget to blink sometimes. It makes my eyes sting and it'll start to get really teary.

Tell us about your childhood in point form

Carefree, Sunny, Content

If you had to describe Progression to your mother in one sentence, what would it be?

Progression is an executive search company that looks professional yet approachable from the outside but is courageous and candid from the inside.


Yasmeen is the Account Manager personnel in Progression Search and she also assumes the role of a Marketeer. Yasmeen has worked in the fields of MarCom, Journalism, Recruitment, all of which she immensely enjoys. Her working experience includes successfully assisting in placing C-level suites candidates into prestigious companies both locally and globally, authoring a corporate magazine, and reporting on current affairs.