Our client is a US Technology distributor, merging their 3 lines of businesses, namely mobility, logistic and ITAD to form Commerce & Lifecycle Services. Their services include marketplace connectivity, order management, fulfillment, transportation management, reverse logistics, repair, recycling and resale.



The eCommerce Technical Leader reports directly to APAC CIO and indirectly to Global CTO, will lead and enable ecommerce ecosystems and digital landscape that serves the APAC region needs and increases market penetration.

He/She will partner with global digital team, to advocate regional technical requirements, as well as business cases and outcome. S/he will leverage the global digital team for enterprise digital suites, and partner with APAC software product team for additional feature development for product-market-fit.

S/he will also work with regional sales, marketing, operations/change management, vendor management and in-country IT, to lay out a technical roadmap for partners and resellers, and drive/execute digital programs, while managing stakeholder expectations.

He/She would be a seasoned ecommerce leader who can leverage web analytics and data to help in-country leaders position eCommerce as a growth channel.


Responsibility 1: eCommerce Technical Roadmap & Product Market Fit

Supporting Actions: Understand each of APAC country’s business model and resellers/partners’ buying behaviors and technology capabilities, in order to lay out a technical roadmap for product market fit, partner with global Digital team on implementation, and manage last-miles delivery. Improve customer online journey by benchmarking in-country eCommerce trends and features. Engage enterprise architect, software architect, and infrastructure teams, to own the evaluation and selection of hardware or software integration for each country, if required for local requirements. Increase reusable software components/feature across countries, in order to drive speed and consistency in user experience.

End Results: Implement eCommece platforms and tools and execute a technical roadmap for product-market-fit.

Percentage: 45%

Responsilbility 2 : Partner Integration, Software Deployment, & Product Adoption

Supporting Actions: Experience with EDI integration, including mapping, standards (ANSI-X12, XML, EDIFACT, etc), and communication methods (AS2, FTP, etc), and ability to execute and lead software teams to deliver per partner variation. Manage and prioritize feature delivery to increase B2B adoption in APAC. Standardize a framework for partner engagement, testing, and production cutover. Responsible for post implementation support of application to be kept within SLA. Responsible for keeping the revenue generating applications up and running with minimum disruption. Ability to evaluate/conduct A/B testing for product market fit or feature adoption effectiveness. Leverage web analytics and user behavior trends, to identify leads, analyze and measure feature usage, user adoption, conversion, etc, in order to proactively position for pivots or enhancements.

End Results: Enable Partner Integration across APAC. Grow APAC online/web/ecommerce with right features and analytics. Prioritize features needs based on business outcome and reseller models.

Percentage: 45%

Responsibility 3 : Innovation

Supporting Actions: Work with in-country business leaders and customers to identify, test and scale global/regional innovations that benefit the ecommerce experience and user experience. Relevant technologies may include RPA, AI/ML, AR/VR, etc. Benchmark against market leading B2B ecommerce sites and features and generate ideas for incremental lead generation.

End Results: Sustainable innovation that can pivot from country to country, ERP-to-ERP, and platform-to-platform.

Percentage: 45%



Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement

Guidelines: Provide the education, experience, skills and competencies necessary to perform the position.

  • BS in computer science, computer engineering, or related field and at least 10 years in B2B or B2C, with 5+ years in ecommerce operations, 3+ years in agile implementation, and 2+ years in solution architect.
  • Experience in AWS (EC2, S3, IAM, Lambda, GuardDuty, SageMaker, EFS, Config, CloudFront, RDS, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling, ALB/ELB, etc.) and Microsoft Azure.
  • Experience in Middleware and B2B integration technologies, including EDI, EDIFact,etc
  • Proven leadership and experience in building and maintaining B2B and B2C eCommerce site content and online marketplaces. Must have end-to-end experience in all facets of digital delivery.
  • Seasoned experience in matrixed management organizations with proven ability to manage and drive implementation and change.
  • Solid experience in online content management, web analytics and A/B testing.
  • Inquisitive mind with seasoned experience in analyzing data to drive business decisions. Solid web/social channel analytics skills.
  • Solid understanding in methods of user acquisitions / retention, and background in online merchandising, promotional strategy, and customer management.
  • Solid communication skills, and ability to translate business needs into technical features.

IM Competencies

Guidelines: Provide the IM Competencies necessary to perform the position.

  • Strategic and Global Mindset
  • Team Player
  • Collaboration and Influence
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Strong executive presence with outstanding communication skills (verbal and written) and strong business acumen
  • S/he must have the requisite leadership, business acumen and technical depth and breadth
  • Technical competent in APIs, EDIs, etc
  • Solid Analytical Skills

Guidelines: Indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding the nature, scope or purpose of the position, or any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position.


  • Understanding China Commerce, such as WeChat or Taobao, or India Commerce, such as Flipcart, would be a plus.
  • Experience in the wholesale Distribution Industry and or relevant consulting leadership experience would be a plus.
  • Scrum certified would be a plus.

JOB ID: 1531

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