What to wear to an interview? (For the ladies)

This topic has been talked about for ages but…we still see inappropriate stuff day in, day out!

Another good reason why we have to do a face to face meeting :)

Here goes:

1. No bling on your nails

Stickers, fancy nail art…I don’t know much about nail art but the impression I got is that it brings people attention to your nails. Great but in a job interview, you really want the interviewer to focus on your abilities for the job, not ask you where you did your nails…I am sure the former lends more weight to you actually getting the job!

11 June 2015

Interview Etiquette

Came across this article the other day and I totally dig...

1. Don’t step on the last 3 words of someone’s conversation.

It is only polite to let people finish their sentences.

15 March 2015